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Are you looking for a one in a million kind of horse? Something so beautiful and unique, you will turn heads wherever you go? A real “Steady Eddy” that isn’t phased by anything?! Meet Gamin! All of the FMP family is absolutely ecstatic about these boys! Gamin is a horse for the whole family. You can trust him with your husband, grandma, or a small child. This boy is so impressive looking with his unique coloring and LONG MANE!! He really looks like something out of a DREAM!!

We just imported Gamin from Europe where his job he lived on property of a tourist attraction. He was ridden around the castle and did demonstrations for the audience. He also has experience in a lesson program and trail riding all over the streets of Holland. He has done a little bit of everything in his life time! He is a great age of 6 years old!

Percherons are known for their easy going temperament and are can make wonderful horses for first time horse buyers. They are known for being very loyal and trusting horses. Gamin truly is a gentle giant and will do anything for you. Gamin stands at 17.1 hands and has a very baroque, muscular build. He is really one of a kind and drop dead gorgeous! Gamin comes with a recent pre-purchase exam and is at our facility in Greer, SC and ready for you to see and try!