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Maurits 437 X Feitse 293

RARE SPORT ELITE Fairytale Friesian Gelding. Absolute DREAM horse! What presence this handsome man has! You will be in LOVE when you see this boy!

Friesian Marketplace is VERY excited to offer to our customers a RARE UPPER LEVEL, Tall, Strikingly Beautiful Friesian boy- STER+SPORT ELITE! Geert is the horse of your dreams, competing at Z level dressage in Holland, earning not only his SPORT predicate in dressage, but also in driving in singles and driving in pairs. This horse does it all- and excels at everything he does. He has all the prestigious predicates, yet he can still be ridden and even trail ridden by riders that are just learning. You can look into Geert’s eyes and you just know that he has a kind, old soul. He leaves an impression on every person he meets.

We just love Geert’s harmonious movement. He has such cadence and elasticity to his trot all while being very easy to sit. He moves off your leg beautifully and has all the buttons to be able to teach you all while being very safe and reliable.

Did we mention that he has super long hair? The ultimate fairytale dream horse! His forelock is INCHES below his nose, his mane is super thick, nearly to his knees, he has fluffy feathers and jet black shiny coat- could he be any more perfect? Here at FMP, we feel so lucky to be able to offer such a special horse to our clients. The pictures do not even do him justice- you must experience this boy in person to really capture his beauty.

He steals the show in the dressage arena. Geert is also very brave and loves the trails. Geert has done everything in Holland. He has competed against the best of the best and won SO many competitions, earning his SPORT ELITE, on top of his STER status. He was the super star of the barn that he was born and raised at in Holland, and he was their show piece of the stable. He was taken to MANY competitions and exhibitions. He is used to loud music, cheering fans, lights and many distractions. He has also been on miles of trails- really a horse that has done it all. Nothing fazes this beauty.

In the carriage, this boy is a GEM! You can drive him at any competition, through any street, downtown, parade- you can take him anywhere and do anything with him! He can do two or even four in hand.

He stands tall and proud at 16.2 hands. This horse is a real athlete and absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

Geert has great papers. His father is the famous Maurits 437 SPORT and his mother’s father is Feitse 293. Maurits 437 produces VERY high quality dressage horses. Geert definitely inherited this talent!

Geert is nothing short of a dream horse.

This is your chance to own one of the few Friesians in the world with the SPORT ELITE Status, Let Geert be your dream come true!