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Wolfert 467 X Onne 376

Are you looking for an absolutely gorgeous boy that is a real schoolmaster? The fairytale horse that you have been waiting your whole life for? Meet Quint the DREAM HORSE. This horse has it all. He is absolutely stunning, safe, and 2nd-3rd level schoolmaster. He is double trained to ride and drive!! He has a SUPER LONG mane and forelock. The fairytale type horse that everyone loves! You can do anything on him! He has been to competitions, trail ridden and ridden by amateurs. If you are looking for a horse that you can relax and enjoy and feel VERY SAFE and secure on, Quint is your man. He knows everything and can be competitive in the show ring, but then go for trail rides or do exhibitions. He has everything that our customers are looking for.

Quint is a great age of 6 years old and has already earned his Sport Predicate in Z-level dressage. Earning Sport predicate is not an easy feat, especially at 6 years old. Sport status is a highly sought after achievement--meaning he has more than five scores of 60% or higher in 3rd level dressage competition. Quint has lots of competition experience competing in the upper levels.

Something that we fell in love with is that Quint is a real schoolmaster. He is very easy to ride! He gaits are smooth, great if you have lower back problems. He is forward when you ask him to be, but is quiet with a timid rider.

Quint has three wonderful gaits. Even with Quint’s expressive movement, he is very smooth and easy to sit. And his canter is amazing. He is also double trained to both ride and drive! He is very easy to hook and drive. His new owner is really going to have a blast on him.

Not only is Quint safe and reliable, he also is beautiful. He has a very kind, eye and is such a sweet horse. You are sure to fall in love with this handsome boy.