Price: $37,900.00

Are you looking for a real fairytale horse with TONS of experience? Meet Sebastian. We are just in love with this sweet boy. You can really do anything with him.

Sebastian is an all around 10 year old gelding that LOVES trail riding, safe for beginners, not spooky, and even knows how to jump! Sebastian has been living in the low country of South Carolina. His owner is regretfully having to sell him because of personal reasons. He is such an awesome mount for someone because he has years of trail riding, fox hunting, BEACH riding and so much experience. His owner did everything with him, even swimming!! Watch the videos of her at the beach with him. He is just a blast and so beautiful. He has very long and thick hair, he is like right out of a fairytale.

If you are looking for a FUN all around horse that you can take on the trails, through the woods, in the water, bareback, jumping, guest horse… Whatever you want to do.. Sebastian can do it. He is not reactive, and great for the beginner type rider. He will do anything you ask of him. If you are looking for a safe Friesian that you can have a blast on, that is sweet as can be and will take care of you through thick or thin- Sebastian is your man.

Sebastian is also very talented and has lots of dressage training. He is first level, schooling some second level moves. He has exceptional movement with lots of suspension. Also he has a fabulous canter, you can even do it bareback. He is a perfect horse to learn on. He does not react if the rider gets off balance and is not the spooky type. He is brave and will teach you.

You can jump him, ride him bareback, western, dressage with or without hands, stand on top of him, he really doesn’t care. He would be at perfect mount for fox hunting. Sebastian can only go to an approved home.

Let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in this boy. Such a super horse at such a great price will not last long!