Price: $39,900.00

Wimer 461 X Olof 315

Great opportunity to own an OUTSTANDING Z1 SPORT Friesian gelding with the prestigious STER and SPORT predicate. We just love Thorin because he is a great young age and is already doing so much in his dressage career. He is moves off the leg very nicely. He is the type of horse that gives you what you are asking- not too forward but not too lazy. Thorin has been ridden by a very accomplished dressage rider in the Netherlands, and she did an excellent job training him. He amateur friendly. You can do anything with this special boy. Not only is he very well ridden and skilled, he is also just stunning!!

Thorin is a great age of 7 years old and a very nice size of 16.1 hands. He has lots of competition experience with an exceptional show record. This boy is proven, and ready to compete with you.

Thorin’ trainer in Holland spent the time to train him right and it shows. Thorin was started slowly and worked his way to the Z-level. He also earned his sport predicate, meaning has has more than five scores of 60% or higher in 3rd level without the flying changes. His conformation, head and neck are just beautiful!

Thorin is a very easy horse to ride with the BEST manners! He is a high quality horse that can carry all types of riders! This horse really impressed us in every way!