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Thorben 466 X Lolke 371

Waylon is one of the sweetest Friesians you will meet! Golden character with a fantastic brain! Very well ridden under saddle for his age and an EXCELLENT DRESSAGE PROSPECT!

Waylon was one of our special picks on our trip to Holland. This young prospect has a super temperament and very talented for dressage. Waylon has been started right and it shows. He is very far along for his age and he has lots of talent! Waylon is 3 years old, and has a golden character! He is very brave! You would never believe that he is only 3 years old. He is an old soul.

Waylon is an excellent dressage prospect with his outstanding movement. He is forward, but very controllable. He is not a lazy horse. He learns things very quickly and has lots of talent. Very eager to learn. He moves off the hand and leg very good. AND he has a phenomenal canter for a young Friesian! He is very comfortable to ride, he is not lofty at all. Great if you have lower back problems. You will have a BLAST on him!

Another reason we really like Waylon is because of his breeding. He grandmother is the mother of the famous Hercules that we imported last year. He was extremely talented and won competitions all over Holland. We can see this talent in Waylon! His father is the approved stallion Thorben 466 Sport Elite. He has achieved his Sport predicate in 3 disciplines: dressage, show driving and dressage driving. His offspring is known for their super sport performance and we can see this in Waylon!

Waylon comes with a recent pre-purchase exam.

Waylon is such a sweetheart and a great buy because he has so many years ahead of him!