Harvey STER

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Thorben 466 SPORT ELITE X Tsjalke 397

Introducing Harvey – Your Dream Friesian Companion Awaits! 🌟🐴

Have you ever dreamt of a friendship that lasts a lifetime with a partner who is beautiful inside and out? Meet Harvey, not just any Friesian horse but a living embodiment of love, loyalty, and a beginner-friendly spirit. Whether you're craving serene trail rides or eager for a cuddle, Harvey is your quintessential teddy bear, seasoned in his training and ready to capture your heart.

At the prime age of 9, Harvey has seen and embraced the world with grace. He has second-level dressage scores soaring above 70%. He has led adventures across trails and beaches that have only deepened his majestic charm. His long, flowing mane is stunning, and this horse has exceptional quality as a STER gelding – a rare find today.

Harvey's elegance is matched by his prowess. With three balanced gaits, his trot and canter are as smooth as they are delightful, offering a ride akin to gliding on air. His canter, especially, mirrors the gentle rock of a rocking horse, making him an ideal partner for mastering the art. Harvey is not just balanced and correct; he's a virtuoso of lateral work, with an array of 'buttons' that are effortlessly intuitive.

His jet-black coat and refined build exude an undeniable presence, complemented by a chiseled face and a neck that embodies nobility. Descended from distinguished sport bloodlines, Thorben 466 SPORT ELITE x Tsjalke 397, Harvey is a testament to the pinnacle of Friesian excellence.

More than just a remarkable athlete, Harvey is a solid, steadfast friend. He's the mount that dreams are made of for those eager to climb the levels of dressage while making a mark in the competition ring. Harvey is tuned to your needs and responsive yet forgiving, ensuring that even in moments of imbalance, he's there to catch you.

Standing at 16.1 hands, Harvey's kind eyes and sweet disposition reveal his true nature. This horse adores human companionship and is ready to be your forever confidant. His story is one of experience, yet it is filled with many chapters yet to be written alongside you.

Embrace the opportunity to make Harvey your lifelong companion and experience a journey of companionship, love, unmatched equestrian excellence, and a bond that transcends time and space.

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We recently had a full PPE and x-rays on Harvey. They are available for your review.

Age: 9 years

Breed: Friesian

Height: 16.1 hands