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Lance is an absolute one of a kind horse. He has a heart of pure gold and does everything he can to please you with everything you ask him to do. I have had the pleasure of training hundreds of amazing horses, but no horse has stolen my heart like Lance. He is the kind of horse that really knows and loves his people. He will give you that really special connection, making him such a wonderful best friend.

I have never taught a horse to lay down, and  that was one of my goals when I bought Lance. 1 week after owning him, he already learned to lay down on command just with me just pointing to the ground. It is his most favorite trick. If you are having a bad day, and want to have some cuddles, you just tell him to lay down and he will sit with you for a long time. You can sit on his back or lay down on him, he likes it all. Sometimes at night, I can go cuddle with him for almost 30 minutes. He also does liberty work, which he learned in a matter of days. He will work the arena and will come running to you any time you call him. Even in the pasture. If he eating his hay on the other side of the pasture and I call him, he comes running to me. You don’t need a lead to walk him around, he will follow you anywhere. He will run after you if you want him to too. He also knows how to play soccer. He knows how to hug, that is another one of his favorite things. He knows his person and will watch over you all day long. He knows my car, and he runs to greet me when I pull in in the morning. Every time I walk out of the house, he watches me and gives me a nod, telling me he wants me to come say hi. He watches me all day as I ride the other horses. It didn’t take long to develop this bond, and I know he will with his new owner too.

Not only is Lance the sweetest best friend you could ever ask for, he is AMAZING to ride.  He will go anywhere you ask him to. Obstacles, woods, open fields, with loud lawn mowers, ride him right next to the weed eater- he does not care about anything. I have been riding him both dressage and a little bit of western, he could do either. He moves very nicely and has super SMOOTH gaits and a very slow canter. The nice thing about him is that he is so safe but isn’t lazy. He will move off your leg and is light to the aids. He has excellent lateral work both riding and on the ground. He also takes the canter from the walk. He is in excellent shape and has great endurance.

Lance is 6 years old, 16.1 hands. He is a registered Drum horse. His grandfather is one of the original Drum horses that was owned by the Queen in England. He has exceptional bloodlines. Lance’s father was a very popular Drum horse here in the United States. All of his offspring is doing so well and the temperament has been outstanding in these lines- Lance definitely inherited that.

I forgot to mention that Lance is so unique and beautiful. He has a gorgeous head with such pretty markings. He stands out everywhere he goes. He has long, healthy hair with a beautiful forelock.

Lance is a one in a million kind of horse. He needs to go to a place with someone that will give him lots of love and attention. He is a very special horse. 

Age: 6 Years

Breed: Drum Horse

Size: 16.1 hands