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Introducing Lewis and Clark- both boys are an abundance of JOY! If you are looking for the cutest, sweetest, kid safe, grandma safe mounts- look no further! Lewis and Clark are FMP’s newest addition that we could not be more excited about! These boys are a DREAM and absolutely gorgeous!

Lewis and Clark are the perfect mount for kids, beginners or guests. They are the perfect size and demeanor that make people automatically feel comfortable jumping on and going for a ride. We LOVE horses like these on our farm. They are so much fun for children and friends. Lewis and Clark have grew up together and we used as family horses in Holland. They taught little kids how to ride, and did lots of trail riding together. They have lived a casual lifestyle and are the same horse if you ride them every day, or if they are out for a month. They are both also broke to drive both singles and pairs.

Not only are these bombproof boys good as gold to ride, they have equally greet ground manners. They LOVE attention, love to be groomed and are perfect for the family to lead around. They both have very gentle nature. They will stand on the wash rack all day for grooming and washing.

Lewis and Clark are just the cutest, most beautiful, sweetest boys. You are sure to have so much fun with them. They both come with a recent pre-purchase exam. Lewis and Clark are being sold either as a pair or separate

Size: 12.3 hands

Breed: Gypsy Vanner

Age: 6 years