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We are thrilled to have this VERY SWEET LADY! Meet Shelby! A horse that the little kids can ride to Grandma's and then she can take a ride too! The BEST of the BEST! LONG beautiful white mane, she is like a teddy bear. If you are new to horses, need confidence, have a handicap, have young children or older parents that want to ride. She can WEAR ALL OF THOSE HATS! A horse truly for EVERYONE! She is a REAL head turner. She is a perfect size of 15 hands. Get started on making sweet memories with an angel! There is still time to put her under your tree for Christmas!

Shelby is a horse for everyone in your family!  If you are looking for an absolutely gorgeous mount that is a DREAM to ride- this is your girl.  She is suited for ALL types of riders, she will happily carry the kids or grandma or the husband that has never ridden a horse. Shelby has impressed us from the beginning because of her quality and beauty. Shelby has the best gaits you could ever imagine- she is the ultimate bareback horse. She has an AMAZING smooth trot, she barely even lifts you out of the saddle. Shelby’s gaits are so comfortable, you will want to ride her all day. She is also very light in your hands, short backed and so easy to put in frame. Something else that we love about her is that she really enjoys her work and is not lazy. She is a really great horse if you are learning how to ride because you don’t need to continually kick her to keep her going. She really is a horse for any type of rider, whether you are just learning or if you are wanting to compete in western or dressage. She is just a gorgeous mover!

Shelby is not the “spooky” type, and is great on the trails. She will go in a group or alone. She LOVES a long hack in the woods. She has a long beautiful mane and forelock down to her nose she is just stunning. She is 15 hands so just the right size. 

In Shelby’s past, she was used in a lesson/ trail program teaching kids to ride and taking guests out on trails.

If you are looking for a horse to have on your ranch for your kids or guests to ride, you are ambitious and want to be competitive in the show ring, looking for a trail partner, this girl can do it all!  Start making beautiful memories together. She is a REAL dream horse. 

Breed: Gypsy Vanner

Size: 15 hands

Age: 10 Years