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Bikkel 470 SPORT AA X Anton 343 SPORT PREF

ONCE IN A LIFETIME HORSE! Tys is the ULTIMATE luxury horse- one of the most beautiful we have ever had at FMP with a temperament and personality to match!

Have you been dreaming of a horse that is truly exquisite? A horse that is LUXURY, that has done just about everything? Meet Tys! This is a one in a million kind of horse. Tys has spent his life with an amazing rider where she rode him dressage and used him in tons of commercials and marketing materials. Tys is FAMOUS- and we feel so blessed to have the opportunity to offer such a special horse to our clients. No wonder Tys was chosen for so many commercials- he is one of the most beautiful horses on the planet. His long mane, forelock, and beautiful baroque build makes him just breathtaking! We love the variety of experience that Tys has. Tys has been frequently hauled off property to the woods, beach, forrest, and even to indoor spaces for his pictures and videos. He has hundreds of marketing videos and pictures that will make you drool! He was even used with a Ferrari! He also was competed through the levels in dressage. His rider started him right and it shows. She trained him slowly, taking him up the levels. He has been competed through Z1 Level (3rd level equivalent without the changes.) Tys has earned 2 winning points in Z1.

We love Tys because he is suitable for any type of rider, both because of his good brain and his gaits. If you are a beginner rider or amateur, Tys can teach you. He is SO easy to learn to sit the trot- or even learning to post on. Tys is SAFE, SMOOTH and just a love bug!!! He is very balanced and simple in the bridle. He has three fantastic SMOOTH gaits. He is very talented and has the ability to take you up the levels. Not to mention, he is just FUN! Just watch the videos of him with his old owner. You can ride him on the beach with no hands! Take him ANYWHERE- he even knows how to jump. This is not a horse that can be only used in the arena. He is versatile- he can do anything! Tys is the perfect age of 8 years old.

Tys’ father is Bikkel 470- Bikkel is known for his incredible temperament as well as his sport aptitude. Tys’ grandfather on his mother’s side is Anton 343 SPORT PREF. Anton 343 is known for his incredible looks and LONG hair- Tys definitely inherited this!

Tys is the type of horse that everybody wants and needs. Not only is he beautiful, he is safe and reliable. You will just fall in love with his sweet personality. His conformation, head and neck are just stunning- he is really like right out of a fairytale. He is a high quality horse that can carry all types of riders! This horse really impressed us in every way!

Tys comes with a full veterinarian exam and a full set of X-Rays.

Age: 8 Years

Breed: Friesian

Size: 16 hands